Minimise Risk

Equinox minimises your risk when applying for R&D tax credits.

We assess your eligibily limiting your:

  • Risk of wasted cycles.
  • Risk of not applying with a legitimate claim

We extract the information required limiting your:

  • Risk of tying up your staff
  • Risk of submitting ineligible activities
  • Risk of under claiming

We prepare the entire claim limiting your:

  • Risk of not quantifying activities to the fullest
  • Risk of having your claim rejected

If we don't succeed there is no fee

  • Simply.... No Risk!

Tax Relief Deadlines

It is essential that you do not delay filing for you R&D tax claims. You can submit claims for the current and past year so don't let your accounting period for the previous year lapse. HMRC enforces strict deadlines on filing R&D tax claims. Do not miss out on your opportunity to claim.


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Tax Credit Consulting

The R&D Tax credit programme provides significant assistance to qualifying companies who are engaged in R&D activities as deemed under the guidelines set out by HMRC. The eligible activities under this scheme are wide reaching, allowing organisations from a variety of industries to take advantage of the financial opportunities. The programme not only provides tax credits on R&D expenditures but also an additional 130% uplift or super deduction providing a 230% total tax recovery which, for many companies can amount to a great deal of financial assistance at critical times of growth.

Our Services

Equinox has developed very efficient methodologies for uncovering an organisations eligible activities. We aim to minimise any disruption to your technical team to allow you to focus on your critical business activities. Our expertise at organising the necessary documentation and preparing the technical project descriptions as accepted by the programme, are aimed at minimising any scrutiny to ensure a smooth and painless experience. Many organisations find the process involved with submitting their own claim daunting. The burden on key and technical and financial personnel to decipher the R&D tax legislation, understand the intricacies and be aware of the subtle policies can result in a substantial under-claim, unproductive use of time or most critically, a rejection of the entire claim.

As specialists focused on R&D Tax Relief Equinox are able to provide efficient and accurate claims which will provide your team and your  accountants the confidence that; all qualifying activities are included in the claim, the associated expenditures are allocated accurately and the R&D conducted is effectively justified to guarantee a successful R&D tax credit claim.

Key Steps in the Process

  • Assessment

      We will provide a free assessment on your eligibility to the programme without any obligations. This can usually be done during a brief conversation. If we believe you may be eligible we will further investigate the actual activities undertaken and the associated expenditures.
  • Identify all Eligible R&D Activities

      Our technical professionals will efficiently identify all activities deemed eligible under the programme by interviewing key members of your technical staff while minimizing any disruptions.
  • Quantifying Activities

      Our accountants will quantify all eligible activities by investigating all of the expenditures made during the accounting period in addition to completing all the necessary forms and documentation for the financial portion of the claim package.
  • Preparation of Technical Reports

      We will gather all necessary documentation and supporting evidence that qualifying R&D has been undertaken by technical individuals and prepare the necessary technical project descriptions based on the rigorous guidelines set out in the programme.
  • Technical Consulting

      Our team is available to help you design a process of recording and identifying eligible activities to make the claim procedure more efficient in subsequent years.
  • Claim Filing

      Your R&D tax claim will be submitted with your corporate tax returns or possibly sooner if dealing with the previous taxation year. The claim can be either submitted by our team or by your financial accountants, whichever is more convenient for you.
  • Enquiries

      Equinox will handle any HMRC enquiries in the off chance that certain information or supporting documentation is required to satisfy the submitted claim. It is our goal to provide all the necessary technical information in a very clear and concise package using the language and terminology which is accepted by the HMRC Tax Relief inspectors to preempt any scrutiny.
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