But I am Not Profitable?

  • There is not longer a minimum R&D spend.
  • You don't have to be paying any PAYE/NI contributions.
  • You do not have to be profitable or paying any tax.
  • See Qualifying Activities section
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How Much Can I Recover?

  • 200%- 230% of R&D Expenditures
  • Upper limit of £7.5 million
  • SME making a loss - Payable Credit up to £33 for Every £100 of Qualifying expenditures
  • SME making a profit - Payable Credit up to £26 for Every £100 of Qualifying expenditures
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What Expenditures Qualify?

  • Staff Engaged in R&D Activities
  • Consumable Materials
  • Externally provided workers
  • Subcontracted activities
  • Computer Software
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Changes as of April 1st, 2011

As of April 1st 2011 the program now allows for a tax relief rate of 200% while reducing other limiting qualifications such as the minimum R&D spend of £10,000 and the requirement for all SME’s to be contributing to PAYE/NIC for employees.

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How To Identify Qualifying Activities

Ask yourself any the following questions. If you answer yes to any one of these you may very well be able to claim for a R&D Tax Relief

  • Have any of your activities involved uncertainties where you needed to develop a new process or practice to resolve them?
  • Have you developed new formulations, new designs or created new systems or languages?
  • Created new, improved or more efficient mechanisms for accomplishing something in your field?
  • Have you resolved conficts integrating multiple components into one systems to provide a unique solution?
  • Has your team improved a process by making it more efficient, faster or more stable?
  • Do you believe you are advancing technology?
  • Do you systematically need to try a number of variations of a methodology to find a suitable outcome?
  • Are you attempting to accomplish you goals by striving to do things differently than your competitors?
  • Have your tried to reduce costs by being more efficient with your technology endeavours?
  • Have your incurred costs related to a process, project or protoype that you still need to complete as part of your current and future R&D practices?
  • Are you involved in engineering, design, data collection, testing or other developmental work?
  • Have you created a new process?
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