Flexible and Fair

Our professional services are geared toward providing SME's with real value for their money. Not only do we strive to provide the most economical services but we also take each case at it's own merit. We are dedicated to building a lasting prosperous relationship for both parties by ensuring you can maximise your cost containment at early stages of your growth. We will consider all possible options by reviewing your situation and providing solutions such as month fixed payments, pro bono advice, deferred payments, discounts at key growth stages and equity.

Compliance Services

  • Preparation and filing of Annual Accounts
  • Corporation Tax compliance
  • Bookkeeping
  • VAT Returns
  • Payroll administration
  • Company Secretarial, including limited company incorporations
  • Self Assessment tax returns
  • Tax Fee Protection Insurance
  • Tax planning, advice and general assistance


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Accounting Services

Our Accounting Professionals understand how difficult it is to grow a company from a startup to a multi-national and all of the growing pains that go with it along the way. That is why our focus is to provide companies of any size with the financial services they need and how they need it delivered. We pride ourselves in our flexibility and being able to take each clients needs into account at all stages of growth. Listed below are a number of unique offerings to help you build your business faster and more efficiently:

  • Transparent fixed fees

    Absolutely everything is delivered on a fixed fee basis!
  • Delivery focussed service

    Fixed fees are based purely on service delivery & value, not time!
  • Hand-holding

    Our annual fixed fee services include unlimited support!
  • Commercial advice

    We can Business Health Check your business & Counsel your figures!
  • Funding

    Whether via grant funding, tax breaks, bank debt (Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme) or angel investment, we have a solution that we will fit your needs!
  • Protection

    All our clients receive Tax Enquiry Insurance at no additional cost!

Added Value services

  • Business planning
  • Enterprise Investment Schemes – potential for investors to achieve Income Tax relief of 30% of investment cost (capped at £500k per investment)
  • Capital Gains Tax exemption on the sale of qualifying shares
  • Capital Gains Tax deferral relief
  • Enterprise Management Incentive schemes – grant tax efficient share options as part of your retention and funding
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