No White Coat?

There is often the misconception that in order to qualify for R&D tax credits a company must have staff dressed in white coats who work in science labs. This is the traditional interpretation of what constitutes Research and Development. This tax incentive program is designed to encourage innovation in all sectors of the economy. Successful claims have provided vital funds for growing and established companies in industries ranging from the food industry to video game development companies.

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Not Enough R&D?

Frequently, companies engaged in non-traditional Research and Development activities under estimate the magnitude of time and expense consumed in their innovation efforts. The driving force behind innovation is the need to overcome problems by developing new and insightful methodologies necessary to formulate a solution.


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Industry Innovation

Many fields of Science and Technology are acceptable for the R&D tax Credits programme. Although the list below highlights many different industry fields of study this is by no way an exaustive list. Any field within the wide scope of Science and Technology will qualify as long as the following qualities are met.

  • There is Technological Advancement.

  • Uncertainties are Involved in the Project.

  • A Process to Overcome Those Uncertainties Was Undertaken.

  • Individuals Leading the Project are Competent Professionals in the Relevant Field.




 Information Technology

 Software Developement



 Chemical Processing


 Computer Sciences 

Design & Construction


 Electronics & Optics

Artificial Intelligence



Machinery & Equipment

Renewable Energy

Pattern, Tool & Design

Printing & Packaging

Food Sciences

Plastics & Textiles

Life & Health Sciences

Electrical Engineering

Medical Devices

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