Why Equinox?

At Equinox we are able to maximise your claim by identifying Research and Development activities that may have otherwise been missed. The definition of R&D according to the HMRC Tax Credits programme is wide reaching but it is necessary to fully understand the guidelines to ensure compliance with the programme.

Recognising qualifying activities is a truly technical process which is why many accountancy firms who lack technical expertise end up under claiming for their clients. At Equinox our team of technologists and accountants work together to provide you with the most success claims possible.

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Company Overview

Equinox is dedicated to maximizing your R&D tax credit claims. With over a decade of experience, our team are experts at identifying eligible R&D which is the key to ensuring your company receives the maximum tax relief it deserves. Our highly qualified professionals have diverse backgrounds in science, engineering as well as professional services such as legal and accounting.

Technical Expertise

Before deciding on having your claim handled by a dedicated accountancy keep in mind that the R&D Tax Credits programme is 95% technical.

Think about it this way. If a new piece of software was created the accountant would see that there is a functioning application for the user. On the other hand, the software engineer would break the software into it's base components. He would see the design, algorithms, all the relevant data mechanisms such as transfer efficiency, control, storage, encryption as well as the custom component integration to improve the overall system flow. In this scenario the software engineer will be able to identify all of the components which will qualify for the R&D credits, back up these activities and ensure your company receives the maximum benefits without fear of the entire claim being disqualified.

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